Working hostels

I got a few emails recently asking me about working hostels and what I think of them. Well I tell you what I think of them, they are a RIP OFF! The weekly rates for hostels are around $130~ a week, and that is sharing with 8 or more people, what a joke. I lived in a 2 bedroom share house which was made of out brick, had a garden and all new fittings for $85 a week in a shared room with my friend. So if I’m paying $85 a week for a new detached house per week, why are they charging backpackers $130+ a week to share with 8+ people?

I understand the fact that the main hostels which are located in central Sydney or Melbourne cost more because of location, but it’s the hostels in rural areas which are charging you this much, why? As a backpacker you should not take that, go and find yourself a flat or a house share, it’s much cheaper, usually cleaner and they won’t charge you extra to use the internet like working hostels do.

why a house share is better than staying in working hostels.

The problem with these working hostels is that unless you are working all the time, you wont be able to save much money, and since working hostels are generally always full, you wont ever be working all the time. After a 8-9 hour shift, I want to come back to some peace and quiet, not a mad house fill of people drinking when I cant sleep, all for a rip of $130!!

I don’t know for all the working hostels, but I know a few in northern Queensland that will charge about $130+ to share with other people, then $8-10 a week for WiFi.

My advice:  Stay away unless you desperate, they are much better way to make and save money in Australia then using working hostels.

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