Strawberry picking

The best place for strawberry picking jobs is around the Sunshine Coast from the months of June to October. There are a lot of strawberry farms around the Sunshine Coast where you can do your strawberry picking.

The strawberry farm are usually looking for planters around early March, however work does not last that long as planting of strawberries only takes around 1-3 days. Depending on who you work for, planting can be paid hourly which is usually around $17 or more, and contracted rates, which is usually not as good.

How to do strawberry picking

Strawberry picking is quite a tough job, you are continually bending over to pick the strawberries off the ground. Depending on what strawberry farm you are on also plays a factor, if the supervisor of the strawberry farm is nice and easy going, they won’t want to push you to hard and give you a better experience working there.

strawberry picking farm

Remember always to be protected from the sun when strawberry picking, wear long sleeve tops to stop the UV rays from the sun, and drink plenty of water. Usually the strawberry farm you will work on wont give you water or any kind of food, its your job to bring your own.

Strawberry farm on the Sunshine Coast

I do know of one contractor who operates strawberry picking her name is Sue. I would keep away from her, she doesn’t sound like a nice lady. She told me that she has work for strawberry planting and strawberry picking in Sunshine Coast. One of the conditions for working for her is that you MUST stay in her rented accommodation and the work is paid per piece.

I asked her “How much can you expect to earn per day?”

She went on a big rant saying this job is for people who want their 2nd WHV and not anything else, as soon as she said that I knew she is only here to scam as much money as she can from other backpackers. She also said there is a “10 day” period of no work, and you must still live in her rented accommodation otherwise she wont give you a job.

You would be better off going directly to a strawberry farm in the Sunshine Coast than using her. I am sure there are other more reputable contractors out their for strawberry picking in the Sunshine coast, so if you find one please let me know so I can update this site. For more information on please read my WHV Australia ebook.