Is fruit picking hard?

A question I get asked a lot by backpackers ” Is fruit picking hard? and is it possible make good money?” based on my own personal experience,  fruit picking is not that difficult if you are prepared. I have picked onions and pumpkins, I have done planting, packing and weeding, none of which I thought was difficult. Can you make good money, hell yes, I managed to make $8,000 in just 3 months.

Fruit Picking

Out of all the jobs I have done fruit picking has been the hardest, but it wasn’t that bad like everyone makes it out to be. The first week it was hard for me because I have never done fruit picking before, my hands and body were sore. After a week I was fit and ready to go, I could work 8-9 hours with no problems and even go longer. I was dressed correctly and never hung over, I was ready for anything.

Working for the right people

Working for the right farm or contractor is a big thing,  their are many ways to find reputable contractors and farms. Some of which I have listed in my book.  The problem with finding a fruit picking job on a WHV is the scams that are around, this is typically why you here backpackers in hostels saying “dont pick onions, it to hard” or “dont pick, pumpkins you cant make any money!”. The reason for this is most likely they worked with the wrong people, you have to be watch out, their are a lot of people abusing backpackers who are on a WHV because they know you are in need of your 88 days. They will overwork you and underpay you, I have had this happen to one of my good friends, and I hear it only too often when I speak with other backpackers.

pumpkin bins

The Pumpkin bins to I had to fill :)

Some farmers after the 88 days are up will refuse to sign your 1263 form, and others will end up from with holding pay!!! You need to be wise when choosing where to work and with whom.  I worked for a contractor whose details are listed in my ebook, he treated me well, I got paid on time every week, wages delivered to my door. I was in constant work for much of my time in Queensland with him, this sadly cant be said for other people, who dont take the correct approach to finding a fruit picking job while on a WHV.

Farmers trying to underpay backpackers on a WHV

Another reason to why you hear backpackers moaning that fruit picking jobs are too hard is because people are not being paid a fair price. If you look on the internet a lot of places wont even give you wages but just a room and food for 35 hours of work, which I don’t agree with. farmers and contractors are underpaying you for jobs, because they know you need to work in order to complete your 88 days in Australia to gain your second year visa.

In my ebook I have provided you with links to big companies who require causal workers for various harvests such as wheat and cotton. Starting wages from $27+ for some, along with useful ways of getting farmers numbers quite easily from the Internet without having to waste hours searching for details on the internet.

Some fruit picking jobs are hard

I have not picked every fruit but from what I hear some fruits are not so great to pick, bananas for one.  I have been told they are really heavy and you need to get up trees to get them. On top of the bunches they often have spiders and rats which can crawl down you. The point I am trying to make is that fruit picking is not hard if you are getting paid a fair price and working for a decent farmer, all of which I will show you how to in my ebook “How to get your 2nd WHV in Australia Guide“.