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Hi Guys,


From the emails I have been getting I am listing them here for you all to see and hopefully as a result, it will stop us people on a WHV from being taken for fools. I will be posting the good and the bad, so feel free to share your stories! Either email me via the site or enter a comment below, otherwise I wont be able to see them any other way. Message all queries via the contact form on this site and not gumtree please.


Attention anyone that is looking for farming working around the Melbourne area contractors that go under the name of Tylee contracting do most of there work in the harvest do not pay employees I worked for them for 3 months terrible living conditions and in the finish up did not get paid all my money after terrible persistence did not receive it they go by the names of rob and justin Tylee sutuated in the south Drouin area I suggest you avoid at all cost

Niall- 14th March

Hello guys! I just would like to advice you that a contractors names HAN is Korean. Stole us. SO NEVER WORK FOR HIM GUY. HAN IF YOU READ THAT IM GONNA MAKE ALL I CAN FOR MAKE THAT YOU BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY! STOLER!

Description he’s big red hair he’s always drunk. Becarful.

Sabrina – 14th March

The post “2nd year visa job for Backpackers” by Alice is a scam. She is just bringing people to pay two weeks rent and the bond. She finds no-one work, and everyone just loses the 2 weeks rent and bond, then leaves. There is no work in the Lockyre Valley as there are too many of us, and not enough jobs. None of the farmers like Alice, and she can’t find any of us work. The ad says 4 – 5 days a week of work, but most of us work one or two, and for those two to three hours (amounting to about 30 dollars, and then she charges 10 for transport). Alice is a liar who just wants to trick you into paying the rent before you leave to find work elsewhere. Be warned!!!
John, Gumtree – 3rd March
Thank John, always be careful when someone makes you pay rent and bond before giving you a job.



Good afternoon,

My name is Sam I am a backpacker from England. I applied for job in Mount Gambia for a vineyard me and 3 other friends all paid a weeks deposit on this and have been waiting ever since to be picked up and taken to this place. Every time we are told a certain date and then when that date arrives we are told some excuse (Trees not ready, Mum in hospital) I feel like we are being scammed but we are all so desperate for our 2nd year visa that we don’t want to lose out on the opportunity of getting the work. Please could you give your advise on the situation. many thanks.

Sam – March 1st

Yeah it seems like they are taking you for a ride made, you should check down Penola thats not too far from you. They will be having apples,veggies and grapes down there round about now. I dont think its more than an hour away, I would head there ASAP



Hi, ive seen your info in some website and found out his page.
Actually im doing farming in Caboolture and already have worked for 60 days.
But the season is almost off that’s why im looking for another farm.
And there are many Koreans are working together in Caboolture. I don’t have any chance to make foreign friends. What’s the more is,, Korean contracters take our money from our wage for job offer. I can not actually make money.
That’s why im looking for another farm!
Any where is ok. Im well ready to leave here. If you have any idea or information, could you just let me know?
I m so thirsty for working and making money! Help me:)
And i have a car, so i can move to anywhere in Australia (Except too far western area)

Kim – 26th of February

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that, you should always research your contractor before starting a job, as the one you have doesn’t seem real nice.  You are not far away from the Sunshine coast, and in a few weeks, Strawberry planting is coming up, its only a short drive from where you are now. Good luck!.



Hi there, I’ve come across your website and thought I should let you know of a guy scamming backpackers and students in Sydney so maybe you can warn your readers who may be tempted by his false claims of $$$

Basically he advertises on Gumtree for door knockers, at the interview stage you are given the script and the job is yours. You will be promised huge commission from easy sales. The reality is that even if you make your targets, there is always an excuse why your wages are delayed. His contract is a maze of contradictions and all his stories of other teams and Chinese investors are completely false. The guy is a one man con artist and a very convincing one at that.
If anyone is offered a job selling car servicing on behalf of Goodyear or B2B contracts for Telstra, it is probably this guy.

Thanks for the information Gareth.

I was picking grapes yesterday. Now I have never done this before so naturally I was going to find it tough but I feel that the work is far too hard for the money you make. We started at around 7 in the morning and finished up at 3. 

To be fair to the farmer he did give us food at around 10 just a cup of tea and a sandwhich. Other backpackers were telling me that this work was easier than work they had previously done. 2 girls were telling me that that they were covering vines before and the work was so difficult. They did a 12 hour shift in 46 degrees of heat and havn’t been paid for it yet.
There is a lot of scams going on around here and I have learnt that Mildura is not the best place for work.
The other Irish girl that I live with picked 300 buckets today with another guy so I mean there is money to be made but the work is very hard. She has more back bone than me ha.
I would love to get into the mines or driving machinery. I’m not afraid of hard work if it pays right. I just think fruit picking is a waste of time and I have no interest in it after yesterday.
I think the whole point of doing regional is to save money and you can not save money on picking fruit for $1 a bucket 90c after tax. What a joke. I have a cousin in Kargoorlie that might be able to help me out.
Do you know of many women in the mines and do you know if that counts as your second year visa.
I will travel anywhere for the right job and the right pay.


Hi Susan I would suggest trying to find a farmer or contractor who will let you work in the shed, that type of work is much easier and paid an hourly.  Its good to hear that some are making $150 a day picking grapes.


Hi Harvie, there not a lot of work going on in Darwin at the moment, i was promised 3 months work when I came up here from Sydney but only managed to get a week, if feel this is a problem many WHV makers will have people promising the something they have no intention of carrying out just to get you to work cheap for them/ get used by them basically. Feel the systems very unfair but anyway, my visas running out at the end of June, managed to get 11 days done up in Darwin in about 3 weeks, but visas running out fast now and theres not much work here during raining season, any advice or help what be much appreciated! I am thinking about going farming but feel i could have the same probably there

Henry, February 2014

Sorry to hear that Henry, it sucks, I have gotten a few emails lately saying Darwin is not the best spot to do fruit picking work. I would suggest to anyone who is traveling a long distance for regional work, make sure you get as much information as you can on the person who is offering you work, so not to be stuck in this kind of spot. Good luck.


Hey, I’am in cobram and it is not hard to find work, but it is hard to find good work. Every fruitpicking job is shit. I already wrote a thousand of ads on gumtree, but I never had luck :( would be awesome if you could help me!


Jan Elfreich. February 18th

Hi Jan, please check your email.

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  1. Hi dude! Someone know if Mario linno from penola that have a vineyard is a scammer? He ask 120$ for the bond and first week of accommodation!he tell me that when I’ll arrive he give me back 50$! Could be possible? Thanks a lot!

    1. That doesn’t sound too good to me Mark, I would stay away. It does not make much sense for him to take your money and hand it you back when you arrive.

      1. He tells me that the 70$ is for the first week..a d 50$ bond is for shoes and clothes..for be sure that I come to his farm and he dont spend money for nothing as in past that he bought and the backpackers never comes

      2. Mario linno or Lino has been scamming backpackers in our area for a least two years. Do not give money for a job, and if you have been scammed, report it to the local police, they will file a report, and then complain to the bank. He’s using ANZ now. The Bank will freeze his account, only if the victims complain. Save your emails and take them in. We are putting an article in the local newspaper, and people need to take action. This guy can’t keep taking advantage of the hardest working people in our community!

        1. thanks for that, we seem to be getting a lot on this person. What police station is taking this investigation and what do the backpackers need to supply them with?

  2. Hi Harvie
    This is Christine who from Taiwan , now I am in Melbour now , it was so hard to find the good job now . we drove the car , store by store to drop our resume and fill the application and ask , the only answer we got it was , if we have job available we will contact you , on no , we waited so long , but i will try to looking for and try my best to find the job

    1. Hi Christine, check my facebook page, I try to update it weekly of regions where harvests for fruit and vegetable are going to start.

  3. Hi Mark!
    My friends were cheated by mario linno for a few month ago.He told them the same story like you.
    And my friends paid the money and they waited for his pick up at the airport but he didnt come and he didnt answer phone calls anymore.
    So beware of him,he is a cheater!!

    1. The best thing they can do, is complain to the Bank where they made the depost, show any emails, and report it to the police. If enough people keep doing it, maybe the police will take action and make an arrest.

  4. A farmer in Charters towers (townsville) under the names Dan Cronin or Joe Cronin are scammers and will make you work 12 hour days, 7 days a week calling you a useless c**t whilst you do this.

    I was paid under $6 an hour, needless to say I left after a week and they are now under investigation.

    Dont make the same mistake as me guys!

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