Cherry picking Melbourne

Cherry picking in Melbourne is a great job if you cant get it.  Melbourne is a great city to go visit, and cherries, well they taste nice. The best time to go cherry picking in Melbourne is between the months of November until early January. This is the only time period that you will be able to do cherry picking in Melbourne.

The best places to go cherry picking in Melbourne


Beechworth usually has a great demeaned for cherry pickers in Victoria and Melbourne around November and December. They tend to grow a lot in that part of Victoria so the chances of finding a cherry picking job them will be good.

Beechworth is about 3 hours drive from Melbourne,  so please use all the tips I suggested in my ebook about finding a job before you visit a place before you just turn up. Cherry picking in Melbourne is a well sought after job,  like most jobs for people on a WHV, you need to be ahead of the curve to get the jobs before them. Travel costs in Melbourne are not cheap either, would be a shame to have travailed three hours to find their is no regional work for you.


Rutherglen is another great area to go and do some cherry picking in Melborune.  Rutherglen  starts to get busy  from November until the first week of January . After cherry picking finishes, if you use the tips I shared, you should hopefully land a nice packing job .  Packing sheds are easy money, and your inside all day!

Lettecue packing shed

A packing shed I worked in

Around February, grape picking job in Melbourne should start popping up, so if you play your cards right you could be in for a bit more work.

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is around 40km north east of Melbourne, and is maybe the best place do some cherry picking in Melbourne. If the harvest is good work will last right until the end of January and maybe even a week or so into February. There are said to be around 80 or more vineyards in the local area.

Please remember the harvest of cherries can have a huge impact on the amount of work that will be in the following towns. If the harvest yield of cherries is small, you will have a higher demand of workers and not enough jobs. In my eBook I have suggested ways to find this out before you travel to these towns and how to get jobs before even arriving.

Cherry picking in Melbourne, won’t be easy either, it will be hot so you need to wear the right clothing, something long sleeve and thin. January and February are the hottest months of the year, so please take that into consideration if you want to do cherry picking in Melbourne. For more information check out my WHV ebook.


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