Why you can’t get a good paying job

I am a very thorough person, I always make sure whatever I do, its the best way I can do it. Take Thailand for example, I managed to live the life of my dreams for $1,000 a month after doing research along with some trial and error work.

My next mission was Australia, the goal was to get my 2nd year working holiday visa, do my 88 days and make earn money. 3 months later I had got my 2nd year WHV and made $8,000 in the process.

I have talked to many backpackers and I have noted some of the errors in their ways to get a job.

Following the crowd  

The mistake almost every backpacker makes is to follow the crowd. You need to remember that there are a lot of backpackers in Australia now, by following them you simply just increase the number workers to compared to jobs. This is not good, if there are too many workers, it means you will NOT get enough work, it will take longer to complete your 88 days of regional work in Australia, and you will be making less money.

It is all too common now a days for their be too many backpackers and not enough work.


Not knowing where to go

Their is no point going to a place like Perth to do regional work in March if their main harvests are in November for example. You will fall into the same trap as following the crowd, to many people and not enough jobs, or worse, a place with no jobs!


Taking a break during onions, I averaged 5 baskets a day during my 88 days,$40 per bin.

Yes it is true that there are jobs all year in certain areas, but only during harvest seasons there is a demand for workers and that’s when you come in, the backpacker.  The other times they will hire an Australian if they can before a backpacker.  I did detailed research when finding my jobs. I have explained in my eBook how to find the best areas to go depending on the month, giving you useful resources that are hard to find on the internet giving you details of harvest times for all states of Australia.


Not researching their employer

As I have mentioned on this site before, backpackers are being targeted for scams more now, as they are desperate to look for work. You need to take steps to combat this and always be on your guard. You never know if your contractor or farmer is a fair guy or just a guy looking to scam you.


WHV in Australia in 2014 is a lot more different than back in the 90s

I’m sure we all have that friend who did their working holiday visa in Australia about 10 years ago and they are telling you there are plenty of jobs. Well the truth is its getting harder, a lot harder.  More people than ever are coming to Australia on a WHV and you need to be ahead of the curve to get a job that pays well, otherwise you will fall with the rest of them.

A job only has to be posted on Gumtree for about 30 minutes and it will have had about 10-15 replies.  Searching gumtree and other sites alone is just not enough nowadays.


I will land and see what happens

Hehe, if you just want to travel that’s fine, but if you want to work and travel, its not. I’m sure you already know by now it’s not easy to find information on the internet that is telling you exactly what you have to do to get a job. Thankfully I now created everything you needs to know on this website.

In my own trial and error during my 88 days regional work , I have shared all my tips, tricks and resources on how you can avoid making the common mistakes above and to land a job faster than 90% of backpackers.

How to get your 2nd WHV in Australia Guide