Can’t find work using job sites?

Of course you can’t find work, or rather it is quite difficult to find work that pays well. Over 250,000 people a year come to Australia on a WHV each year. Then you add in the other immigrations who work on different visas, now you’re fighting with all them people to get a job.

Gum tree and other websites

These websites are useful to get a job, I used to use them before I learned better methods in finding work. The problem with using websites like Gumtree or Seek is that the employer is looking usually for only a handful of people. A handful, and remember 250,000 alone come to Oz each year on a WHV so what are your chances of getting that job?

To give you an example below is one farm job listed by my boss, he required someone who could do irrigation. He ended up getting 52 emails sent to him within 12 hours. He simply picked the first person who emailed and gave them the job after a brief chat.


As you can see from the sheer amount of replies, that you are looking for a needle in a haystack usually when searching for jobs on seek or Gumtree that need only a few people. You need to go straight to the source who is the corporate farmer or contractor, to get ahead of the other people searching for jobs.

Nowadays I rarely use gum tree or other famous job seeking websites, they are not worth my time. You spend too much time on these places sending in your CV and details, but the time you press send, the job has already been taken.

There are jobs in and around Australia which are waiting to be taken by you, you just need to know how to find them! Don’t apply for a job where they only need 2-3 people unless the job listing is new (1-2 hours new), otherwise you will most likely be wasting your time. Try to focus on job adverts where they require 200-300 people, because then you will have a very good chance of getting that job, I know and listed some that look for 1,500+ in my ebook on how to get a 2nd year visa in Australia.

Good luck to you all!