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Sydney Bar and Waiter guide!

Hi guys and girls,

I have created a online directory of 200 bars, cafes and restaurants in the Sydney region. Each bar, cafe or restaurant that is listed in my directory has the following information:

Name of bar
Website Address
Contact number
Email address

Instead of spending days or even weeks getting all these numbers your self, wasting time searching the Internet for numbers, locations and everything else. I have gone ahead and done it all for you. I have collected data in the following areas :

At the end of the book, I have listed all 200 emails for each business in a format where you can simply copy and paste all the email addresses and send 1 email instead of 200 individually.  This way you only need to write your application once, attach a CV and cover letter, and your done. You have just applied for 200 jobs within seconds.

Remember if you use the “BCC” option of an email, it will automatically hide the addresses of all other participants in the message. If your tired of looking for bar and waiting jobs and want a better, faster solution, check out my Inner Sydney bar,cafe and restaurant directory.

Buy now for only £2.29 (we also accept $ and €)


Instant delivery, Directory will be send straightaway after payment has been made.


Affiliate Program

Have you found How to get your 2nd WHV in Australia Guide useful? If you did, you can become an affalite and every time someone you refer purchases the PDF, you will receive 40% of the profits. No catch!

To get up and running, simply join the affiliate program now.

After you have signed up (its free), all you need now is the affalite code to put on your website or in your newsletter.

How to Get your affiliate code

1) sign up for my Affiliate program, its free to join.

2) Login to e-Junkie.

3) find the “affiliates” tab in the top right hand of the webpage.


4) Then click on “affiliate admin” in the bar just beneath the affiliates tab.


5) Now click “get affiliate code” which is on the “Manage Your Affiliate Account” section.


6) From the drop down list select “WHV Australia eBook” and then press the “get Affiliate code” from below.


7) Now you should see a long HTML link which has a URL attached.


8) now you have two options:

A) the first option is to copy the whole HTML text and stick it anywhere on your website where HTML is accepted.

B) The second option is to just get the actual URL link and attach it behind a picture or a link

The URL you will need is like this:

XXXXXX = your unique affiliate ID

 Now you can go ahead and put this URL anywhere on your website or in your newsletters. You can put it behind a text or use it with an image.


A banner you can use for your websites

WHV banner