2nd year visa jobs

A 2nd year visa job is a job that is done in a rural part of Australia and matches a set of requirements. Here is a list of 2nd year visa jobs which will give you another WHV:

For the case of plant and animal cultivation, if you are doing basic garden and landscape work, this is not a 2nd year visa job.  Working in a zoo or another area where animals are used for tourism, then once again it will not pass as job to obtain your 2nd year visa.  Working in a butchers or meat factory also doesn’t qualify as a 2nd year visa job . The last thing you want to do is work 88 days or 3 months in a job thinking it will get you a 2nd year visa, only to find out the job you had doesn’t count.  If you are ever unsure if your job qualifies as a 2nd year visa jobs or not, always contact the Australian goverment, they will tell you everything you need to know. Your normal farm job such as packing, planting picking are all fine and will count, but as I have said, if you are ever unsure just ask!

2nd year visa

The following post codes below all count as rural Australia, only in these areas can you find 2nd year visa jobs. If you are working in any of the post codes below and are in a job role that is listed above, this will quality as a 2nd year visa job.


2nd year visa jobs postcode area



4124 to 4125



4270 to 4272





4307 to 4499



4515 to 4519

4522 to 4899


New South Wales

2311 to 2312

2328 to 2411

2420 to 2490

2536 to 2551

2575 to 2594

2618 to 2739

2787 to 2898



Entire state




3211 to 3334

3340 to 3424

3430 to 3649

3658 to 3749

3753, 3756, 3758, 3762, 3764

3778 to 3781

3783, 3797, 3799

3810 to 3909

3921 to 3925

3945 to 3974


3981 to 3996


South Australia

Entire State


Western Australia

6041 to 6044

6083 to 6084

6121 to 6126

6200 to 6799


Northern Territory

Entire Territory

Good luck with your search on find a job for your 2nd year visa.

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