How to get a Working Holiday Visa for your 2nd year


My name is Harvie and I’m originally from the U.K, I’ve spent the last year living in Thailand and Asia. I felt like a change and wanted to make some extra cash while traveling, I thought I would do a Working Holiday Visa in Australia.

The goal? To MAKE MONEY!!! and I did, $8,000 in 3 months!!! I have put everything I learned into this guide that has been reviewed by various other travel websites.

A farm in Gatton, Queensland

A packing shed in Gatton, Queensland

As we all know a Working Holiday Visa in Australia is a once in a life time opportunity, figuratively speaking of course. That is unless you work 88 days in a regional part of Australia to obtain a 2nd year working holiday visa.

I searched high and low on the Internet to find answers to questions I was looking for to complete my 88 days, to no avail. The information on the internet seems to be dated, misleading or just plan wrong.

I have now done my 88 days in rural Australia working in Gatton and have made $8,000 in the process! I decided I would share all my knowledge by creating an guide which would benefit anyone doing a WHV in Australia.

Within The  “How to Get Your 2nd year WHV in Australia” guide, you’ll learn…

  • How I only spent $511 a month in Australia
  • How my friend made $18,000 in 14 weeks
  • The best way to get your tax back
  • The smart way to finding jobs quickly!
  • A blue print guide from everything to renting to spotting scam jobs
  • A list of telephone numbers of farms and contractors where I did my regional work!
  • Direct website links to apply for harvest jobs online to try and secure a job before you arrive!

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My Pay slip for Pumpkin Picking, one weeks work!

My Pay slip for Pumpkin Picking, one weeks work!

I read everywhere that Australia is a really expensive place and that  your money here doesn’t go to far. But living in rural Australia that could not be further from the truth. Prices are much cheaper than living in cities such as Sydney or Perth,  and the outback is amazing. Just driving to work each day you see kangaroos and wallabies,  from parrots to koala bears if you go deep enough into the bush.  The night sky is packed with stars and the evening sunset turns the skies red!

Red Sky in Gatton Queensland

Even Sunset outside my house in Queensland

This guide will act as a step by step blueprint on how you should approach your rural work on your WHV in Australia. If you read and apply everything I have said in my guide you will be able to find a farm job within a week and hopefully be earning as much money as I have.Don’t keep wasting every morning on Gumtree applying for jobs that you most likely wont end up getting.The guide is a PDF format, so you can start reading straight away.

I’ll show you…

  • How to create a TFN, bank account and get Medicare
  • How to find decent accommodation for as little as $85 a week
  • How to create an audit trail for additional proof to secure your 2nd WHV, as nowadays having a signed 1263 form is not enough!
  • Tips on getting cheap flights from the UK to Australia
  • How I made $8,000 in 3 months
  • The best way to meet fellow travelers so your never alone!
  • A breakdown of Gatton, advising what months to visit for guaranteed work!
  • Where to buy amoxil
  • Levitra price comparison
  • Where to buy zithromax pills
  • Buy propecia

From the moment you pick up this guide, finding a job and knowing where to look for work will because so much simpler. Everything will be concise and you wont be spending 6 months of your WHV trying do work 88 days using the expert knowledge in this guide.

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Also available on Amazon


Guide is sent via e-mail instantly after payment. Guide is in PDF format.

“This book helped me to decide where to do my regional work, it made everything so easy and contains a lot of helpful resources” - Leonarda

” Harvie’s eBook is straight to the point and full of tips I would never of thought of. The book contains telephone numbers of contractors and farmers, which meant I could get into contact with them before I even left the UK, this alone was worth it the price of the book! “ James

“I was a bit hesitant to buy this book at first, but it was less than a pint of beer in the pub so I gave it a go. The links in the book are brilliant, I didn’t realize how much money i was actually wasting either while looking for a job, until Harvie showed me cheaper ways to get accommodation. I feel silly now for wasting how much money I have. Awesome book! ” – Frederico